Trapped Spirit

Claustrophobia is statistically one of the most common phobias in the world. Instinctively, as humans, we fear the inability to move or be free. There is a noticeable lack of freedom in tight spaces. In this confinement we become slaves to the lack of space, having no room to do anything. We feel crushed, squeezed, breathless, irritated, etc. We just feel trapped.

The same can be said spiritually speaking. Continue reading “Trapped Spirit”


If you’ve ever been in a church you know about altar calls. Service begins with prayer and singing, followed by the preacher stepping forward with an important message from God. But as service winds down, the preacher closes with an invitation to the altar at the front of the church. This is often times the most uncomfortable moment of the entire day. The idea of getting up out of your pew and stepping forward and kneeling at an altar in prayer can be petrifying to some. Continue reading “Altarphobia”

False Treasures

We’re all familiar with the bad things in life and the dark side of Satan. Everyone knows him as a liar, a cheater, a murderer, a thief. We think of him as this grotesque monster with horns and claws, because we know that is his true nature. However, what if when Satan presents himself to us, that’s not what he looks like at all? What would we do then? Continue reading “False Treasures”

Don’t Look Back

As a Christian, do you ever look back on your old life, before you were saved, in a longing or nostalgic way? Do you ever wish for things to return to their old ways? For old relationships, old interests, old activities, old passions, etc? Let me assure you this is not God’s Will for your life and is in fact a trick devised by the enemy to draw you away from your relationship with God. To understand this better, let’s look at the story of Continue reading “Don’t Look Back”

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