Love is something we do not understand. Or at least, we get the jist of it, but we do not comprehend its deepness or its intricacy–whilst staying simple and soothing.

This article is going to be a bit different than the usual. While it provides a lesson, I find it impossible not to include bits of my own testimony. I will talk about the actual sacrificial love of Christ, and how this love is unconditional, deep, and how it can be realized. Continue reading “Barabbas”


Among the things I write about, by far my favorite subjects are those that deal with spiritual feelings. The past few weeks have been extremely transformative for me, spiritually. Not only transformative, but incomprehensibly revealing. God has showed me issues I was never aware of before, and has given me bite-size answers at such a slow, steady pace that it has been easy for me to digest.

Among those things, God has showed me that several of my previous articles have led up to this one. I have written about looking back on our past life, experiencing spiritual dryness, and having a trapped spirit. These revelations have led me to a lesson I personally consider to be absolutely amazing, at least in my own walk with God. So now I will write about being spiritually “Frozen”. Continue reading “Frozen”

Why we pray for “Daily Bread”

In Matthew 6, Jesus is teaching His disciples about prayer. It is in this chapter that we receive the Lord’s Prayer, which is a model of prayer for Christians to use. It was given by Jesus to help us understand how we may communicate with the Father. Not only does it show us how we may communicate with Him, but also that we can. However, more specifically, I have been brought to one specific part of the Lord’s Prayer over and over again for a few weeks, and wanted to share it and what it means. Continue reading “Why we pray for “Daily Bread””

Don’t Give the Devil Credit

As Christians, we know all about our enemy, Satan. I think we are truly breaking out of the age where churches wouldn’t preach on the devil, or teach about how he affects our everyday lives and our very own minds. Nowadays, the devil’s tricks and plots against Christians have been exposed more than they ever have. This is amazing and a wonderful thing, as we desperately need awareness of who the enemy is. However, there is one big problem in all of this. Continue reading “Don’t Give the Devil Credit”

Trapped Spirit

Claustrophobia is statistically one of the most common phobias in the world. Instinctively, as humans, we fear the inability to move or be free. There is a noticeable lack of freedom in tight spaces. In this confinement we become slaves to the lack of space, having no room to do anything. We feel crushed, squeezed, breathless, irritated, etc. We just feel trapped.

The same can be said spiritually speaking. Continue reading “Trapped Spirit”

False Treasures

We’re all familiar with the bad things in life and the dark side of Satan. Everyone knows him as a liar, a cheater, a murderer, a thief. We think of him as this grotesque monster with horns and claws, because we know that is his true nature. However, what if when Satan presents himself to us, that’s not what he looks like at all? What would we do then? Continue reading “False Treasures”

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