The Hardening of the Heart

What a better way to take on the New Year than by receiving a new heart and spirit in Christ? In the last part of this little mini-blog-series (Two Hearts), I talked about the two different states of heart: the heart of stone and the heart of flesh. The heart is much more than a blood-pumping organ, it is endowed with spiritual significance. As I said, it is the capsule of our personalities, the content of our consciousness, and it is the state of our mind and being. It is the crux of our spirituality. Because whatever is within our heart flows outwardly, either affecting or infecting every aspect of our lives. Continue reading “The Hardening of the Heart”

Hell: Part 3

Hell is a place of separation, darkness, and torment. We established that in Part 2 of this series. We also examined why such a horrible place would even need to exist in the first place in Part 1. If you have not read the previous parts, please do so before continuing. In this particular installment of my hell interpretation series, I am going to be talking about what has not yet been answered in the previous additions. I talked about the why and the what of hell. Now I will talk about the who. Most specifically, I will talk about how we can avoid hell. Continue reading “Hell: Part 3”

Hell: Part 2

In the first article of this series I discussed the logic supporting hell’s existence, as well as what scripture says about its reality. In this second installment I will write about what hell is actually like, what scripture says about it, as well as some of the things we can assume lies there. As I said before, this article contains sensitive material. Moreover, this particular entry may disturb you. Continue reading “Hell: Part 2”


Love is something we do not understand. Or at least, we get the jist of it, but we do not comprehend its deepness or its intricacy–whilst staying simple and soothing.

This article is going to be a bit different than the usual. While it provides a lesson, I find it impossible not to include bits of my own testimony. I will talk about the actual sacrificial love of Christ, and how this love is unconditional, deep, and how it can be realized. Continue reading “Barabbas”

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