Hi, my name is Ethan Curtis. I am a young Christian from Ohio. It’s such a great pleasure to be writing to you, wherever you are. I hope that this site proves useful to you and many other Christians in need of help.

It is my goal to use whatever knowledge God gives me to help draw other people closer to Him, and I intend to use this site as one small way of doing just that.

2uFF3obIf you would like to contact me, visit the Contact Page. I am open to any suggestions, comments, or concerns and love feedback! It would also be really helpful if I could get those of you who like reading my posts to give me some suggestions on Bible topics you would like me to write about. This site is much more yours than it is mine, and I want to make sure it fulfills its purpose in helping others in their relationship with  Christ. So by all means, let me know! Also, if you would like any kind of personal help or advice, I am always available over social media. I may not always respond immediately but rest assured I will always get to you! Thanks.

Ethan Curtis

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